About Fitness & Personal Training London

Award winning gym and fitness enthusiast in London

My love for sport began when I was 7 years old. I have played sport ever since, and eventually volunteered at a gym at the college of Haringey in EnfIeld. I had a desire to help other people achieve the same gratification from fitness that I had achieved over the years. My gym clients inspired me to start my own company 4 years ago. My client profile in London has grown exponentially, and has come to include athletes, celebrities and everyday people who just want to lose weight and get in shape.
During my time at the gym, I managed to build a great rapport with gym users and colleagues, and also gained extensive experience working with international students and people with disabilities.

I have a young and energetic approach to guiding people towards their goals.The skills I have acquired over years of training are worth passing on to motivate others. As a professional personal trainer, your goals are my goals.



Why choose Shehri Selmani as a personal trainer in London?

I understand that adjusting your lifestyle and affecting your body is an important personal decision, and for this reason, I am always willing to provide in-depth explanations about how my business works and what my plan is going forward. I answer any questions you may have about your health and fitness.

As someone knowledgeable in the health and fitness sphere, I can provide a steady, reliable plan for the body image you may have up until now only dreamed about. I will give you advice on nutrition, to ensure that you fuel your body with the substances that will bring you closer to the body you have always wanted.

My Qualifications

I’ve taken the time to not only experience fitness in the gym environment, but furthermore study the theory that lies underneath the practices. My studies have helped familiarise me with the human body, and the manner in which exercise and diet affect it. I have obtained the following qualifications and achievements over the years:
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 diploma in Personal Training
  • Award in Instructing Outdoor Fitness, Indoors gym, Sports Conditioning and Nutrition.
  • REP's registered
  • First aid qualified
- Pool Responder

I have also won an awards in Instructing Outdoor Fitness, Indoors Gym, Sports Conditioning and Nutrition. I’m enthused to have trained athletes, professional boxers and professional soccer players who are have remained my clients to this day.

Professional Personal Trainer | Strength Conditioning Coach | Weight-loss Advice | Fitness Maintenance